15 December, 2015

Reference customers

TaxiKurir tells about quality and effect

We at TaxiKurir are conducting many activities with Nordic Market Data that gives us many concrete leads to follow up in our marketing efforts.

Communicating with our potential customers directly via e-mail campaigns is a very cost-effective way to generate leads to our sales force. This assumes that the e-mail address are of good quality. The follow-up work of the sales force is easy since the post-mailing data provided by Nordic Market Data have a very good quality and gives us a more effective customer processing.

All marketing activities of TaxiKurir Stockholm must be of a high quality and give good results. This is why we have chosen Nordic Market Data as a total supplier of our e-mail campaigns.

As the Marketing Director at TaxiKurir Stockholm I can really recommend Nordic Market Data as a provider of e-mail marketing.

Kenneth Holm,
TaxiKurir Stockholm AB

We increased our sales by 59%

We are very pleased with our cooperation with Nordic Market Data.

When choosing Largestcompanies it was important that the company is following Swedma’s guidelines for newsletters and e-mail marketing. This has significantly increased the quality of our e-mail marketing with increased goodwill as a natural consequence.

We have made a number of e-mail campaigns with Largestcompanies. The result is a large increase in qualitative visitors to our website and a sales rise by 59 % one week in March 2015. We highly recommend Nordic Market Data.

Niklas Torebring,
Torebrings Grossist AB

These e-mail addresses have resulted in successful collections

Hand in Hand has worked with Nordic Market Data and purchased e-mail addresses we used in campaigns to find partners in our efforts to combat extreme poverty through education, business training and entrepreneurship.

These e-mail addresses have resulted in successful collections and we can recommend Nordic Market Data as a good and competent partner for addresses.

I’m impressed by their quality at addresses where we get very few bouncers / returns on the mailing.

Richard Nordström
T.f. Generalsekreterare Hand in Hand Sweden

CMPartner AB är nu Nordic Market Data AB