13 March, 2017

E-mail addresses

E-mail addresses with guarantee

Our database contains 720,000 e-mail addresses to companies in the Nordic countries. By gathering the e-mail addresses ourselves and continuously updating them, we can guarantee good quality. When mailing, only around one percent of the e-mails will bounce, which means that we probably have the best quality of all e-mail providers.


100% delivery guarantee

We want to give our customers the highest possible quality of information. Therefore, we give you a 100% delivery guarantee. This means that we compensate for errors with new information.



Contact us for a free consultation!

Call us at +46 8-562 325 02 or send us an e-mail to info@NordicMarketData.se


E-mail addresses for companies

We have personal e-mail addresses for decision-makers in the Nordic business sector. Update your existing records or let our selection experts help you to identify an attractive target group to the process by e-mail marketing.

The target group selection can be made based on, for example, region, industry, title, and turnover. In our wide range of titles, you will find CEO, Marketing Manager, CFO, Sales Manager, IT Manager, HR Manager, Production Manager, CIO, Technical Manager, etc.


CMPartner AB är nu Nordic Market Data AB