Billion companies in Sweden 2016

Billion companies in Sweden 2016



Only a small part of Sweden’s companies has a turnover of more than one billion Swedish crowns. What does this group of giants look like? Where are they located geographically and in what sectors do they appear? Our data expert Gunnar Larsson has looked closer at the billion companies in Sweden in 2016.

How many billion companies are there in Sweden?
There are 1,531 that has a turnover of more than one billion Swedish crowns in Sweden. Excluding subsidiaries there is 1,073.

Which billion companies are the most successful?
120 companies have over 20% in profit margin. Banking, real estate, pharmaceuticals and investment are common sectors in this group.

Where are they located geographically?
Most billion companies are found, perhaps not quite unexpectedly, in the metropolitan regions. 126 companies are located in Skåne County, 148 in Västra Götaland County and 552 in Stockholm County.

What do the billion companies look like in terms of job opportunities?
These companies, of course, require an extensive workforce and contribute to many jobs. 347 of the billion companies have more than 1,000 employees.

What sectors do the billion companies appear?
Some of the largest industries are construction / building trade with 84 companies. In the automotive / vehicle sector there are 79 companies and 70 companies operate in the food industry / food trade.

What does it look like for the billion companies in the automotive industry?
The automotive industry is based in western Sweden. Västra Götaland County has 17% of billion companies’ total revenue, but in the automotive industry, the figure is 72%.

Where has the food industry its base?
Skåne is sometimes called Sweden’s grain store. The country has 8% of billion companies’ total sales, but in the food industry the figure is 32%.


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