Gunnar talks about data and quality

Gunnar talks about data and quality

The core of our business is our database with detailed information about four million Nordic companies. It is important that the information we deliver is accurate and therefore we have our own department who is wholeheartedly devoted to quality. Gunnar Larsson has worked for the company for over 30 years and is an expert on the subject.

What does the database contain?
We have a huge database, close to one million Swedish legal entities, ranging from ordinary limited liability companies to non-profit associations, foundations etc. Another 2.7 million in the rest of the Nordic countries. The database is updated monthly with data from our collaborator Creditsafe and through our own daily research.

Why do we have to work with quality?
There is a constant flow of address changes, name changes, companies formed and terminated, executives who start and quit.

How to get a 100% correct database?
Of course that´s not possible. Unless the football transfer rules were introduced, changes may only occur at certain times of the year. But that does not happen. So just work on and aim for a 99% correct database.

How do we know it is a high quality database?
With regard to personal email addresses, it’s easy to see how good the database is because incorrect addresses come back as hard bouncing. And we are well placed with a return rate of no more than one percent, often below one percent.

How does the quality improvement work?
Accuracy is the key to the high quality, after which you tighten the hard bouncers afterwards, you keep them at a low level. No letter may be wrong. Is it Kennet or Kenneth? Larsson or Larson? Is .com or .se used? The smallest error in the address results in a hard bounce. Accuracy pays off. Good quality gives satisfied customers.

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