11 April, 2018


How does Nordic Market Data follow the new GDPR Regulation?

GDPR Nordic Market Data has a database of company information, including company names, addresses, phone numbers, names and emails to executives, financial statements, etc. There are no individual companies in our database.

Managers and e-mail addresses are mainly retrieved from corporate websites and updated continuously. If an executive notifies us that he or she does not want their e-mail address registered in our database, we will delete it.

The purpose of the e-mail addresses is that they can be used for marketing purposes B2B. We find support for this in the GDPR, we claim legitimate interest in accordance with:

Article 6.1.f. Here it is stated that processing of personal data is considered legal when it is necessary for purposes pertaining to the legitimate interests of the data controller or a third party.

Recital 47. It states that processing of personal data for direct marketing can be regarded as a legitimate interest.

Nordic Market Data holds a certificate of release under the Press Freedom Regulation. The release certificate applies to the databases Nordicnet.se and Largestcompanies.se. A proof of release means that the rules on personal data processing do not apply when they violate the constitutional right of freedom of speech. The GDPR Regulation therefore does not affect operations with certificate of release.

Obviously, the Marketing Act will be complied with e-mailmarketing. According to the act, the message should be relevant to the recipient, it should be possible to unsubscribe further mail from the current sender and the address source must be entered.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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