Email marketing: The most effective channel B2B

Email marketing: The most effective channel B2B

Trend scouts notes that email marketing is the most effective channel within B2B. Surveys show that email marketing is the channel that provides the most leads, drives the most traffic and gives the highest ROI.

According to Lithium’s report on Swedish B2B business for 2017, 88% of B2B companies actively work to drive traffic and convert visitors to online customers. Respondents state that e-mail marketing is the most widely used channel. More than both SEO and social media.

Gun Helland works as Account Manager at Nordic Market Data and has a long experience of both sales and running companies in the media industry. In her daily contact with B2B-based companies, she can confirm that email marketing is a strong channel, but also that there is resistance.

How do B2B companies use e-mail marketing today?
We see that many companies increasingly understand the benefits of email marketing. Our customers also use the channel more continuously than before. Recurring campaigns provide a stable flow of leads and traffic to the website. Just as the surveys show, it also gives a good ROI.

What resistance is there to the channel?
Unfortunately, there is a bit quite about email marketing compared to channels such as social media or Google. Personnel are trained in these areas while e-mail marketing ends up slightly between the chairs. Sometimes, there are no technical conditions provided in-house. but those who hire us realize quite quickly that it don´t have to be that complicated.

Why is e-mail marketing such an effective channel?
I believe that e-mail marketing as a channel provides unique opportunities to reach only those decision makers who think that the product you offer is relevant and interesting. The money is well invested. Through e-mail marketing, you also reach the decision maker in his work situation – where the purchase decisions are taken!

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