17 February, 2017

Market information

Market information about four million Nordic companies

MarknadsinformationWe are experts in the Nordic business sector. Our database contains high-quality market information about four million Nordic companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. It gives you endless opportunities to find the right target audience.

We have high-quality market information for your needs:

Address databases
E-mail addresses
Customer database clean-up
E-Mail Marketing
CRM Integration

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When you choose CMPartner you get:

100% delivery guarantee
fast deliveries
information from all companies in the Nordic region
the ability to make your perfect selection by combining different variables
e-mail addresses with only a few percent of hard bounces
a proper industry divided selection

“All marketing activities of TaxiKurir Stockholm must be of a high quality and give good results. This is why we have chosen CMPartner as a total supplier of our e-mail campaigns.
As the Marketing Director at TaxiKurir Stockholm I can really recommend CMPartner.”

Kenneth Holm,
TaxiKurir i Stockholm AB

We help you to make your perfect selection based on:

• 25 titles: For example, CEO, CFO, Head of Sales, Marketing and Purchasing
• Geography: Country, county, city, municipality or postal code
• Closing figures: For example, turnover, profit or number of employees
• Industry codes based on the EU standard NACE Rev. 2 from 2007 The best accuracy of all providers!
• Products, brands and agencys Unique provider!

100% delivery guarantee 

We want to give our customers the highest possible quality of information. Therefore, we give you 100% delivery guarantee. This means that we compensate errors with new information.

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Call us at +46 8-562 325 02 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]