28 August, 2017

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  • Email marketing: The most effective channel B2B

    Email marketing: The most effective channel B2B

    Trend scouts notes that email marketing is the most effective channel within B2B. Surveys show that email marketing is the channel that provides the most leads, drives the most traffic and gives the highest ROI.

    According to Lithium’s report on Swedish B2B business for 2017, 88% of B2B companies actively work to drive traffic and convert visitors to online customers. Respondents state that e-mail marketing is the most widely used channel. More than both SEO and social media.

    Gun Helland works as Account Manager at CMPartner and has a long experience of both sales and running companies in the media industry. In her daily contact with B2B-based companies, she can confirm that email marketing is a strong channel, but also that there is resistance.

    How do B2B companies use e-mail marketing today?
    We see that many companies increasingly understand the benefits of email marketing. Our customers also use the channel more continuously than before. Recurring campaigns provide a stable flow of leads and traffic to the website. Just as the surveys show, it also gives a good ROI.

    What resistance is there to the channel?
    Unfortunately, there is a bit quite about email marketing compared to channels such as social media or Google. Personnel are trained in these areas while e-mail marketing ends up slightly between the chairs. Sometimes, there are no technical conditions provided in-house. but those who hire us realize quite quickly that it don´t have to be that complicated.

    Why is e-mail marketing such an effective channel?
    I believe that e-mail marketing as a channel provides unique opportunities to reach only those decision makers who think that the product you offer is relevant and interesting. The money is well invested. Through e-mail marketing, you also reach the decision maker in his work situation – where the purchase decisions are taken!

    Learn more about email marketing here!

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  • Top lists: The largest companies in Sweden

    Top lists: The largest companies in Sweden

    In the latest issue of the Largest Companies magazine we explore the Swedish business sector. In unique top lists ranked by turnover, number of employees and profits we look at the Swedish companies and how they relate to each other.


    Read more in the magazine (Swedish)

  • Top lists: The largest companies in the Nordic region

    Top lists: The largest companies in the Nordic region

    In the latest issue of the Largest Companies magazine, we look at the largest companies in the Nordic region. In unique top lists we look at the Nordic companies and how they relate to each other.


    Read more in the magazine (Swedish)



  • Here are the Swedish companies celebrating 100 years

    Here are the Swedish companies celebrating 100 years

    There are many things that defines a successful company, one of them is age. Managing business over time indicates a strong offer, ability to evolve and adapt to new circumstances.

    39 Swedish companies celebrate 100 years this year. They started their operations in 1918. During this year, the first world war ended, and Sweden decided on female voting rights. A time of change and revolution.

    • The 100-year-olds have a turnover of 287,552,500 (×1000) SEK
    • A total of 135,352 people work on these companies. Ericsson, Telefon AB LM is the largest employer with 116 416 employees
    • Ericsson, Telefon AB LM is the largest company based on both turnover and net profit.
    • 16 of the companies have negative net profit
    • Dominant industries are wholesale, manufacturing, and rental and management of residences
    • 27 companies are subsidiaries


    Companies – turnover (×1000) SEK

     Ericsson, Telefon AB LM     222 608 000

    2   SSAB AB     55 354 000

    3   Skellefteå Kraft AB     3 398 772

    4   Jönköping Energi AB     1 167 053

     Omya AB     1 060 908

    6   E.ON Gas Sverige AB     1 057 937

     Exakta Group AB     381 711

    8   Sand & Grus AB Jehander     360 905

     E.On Business Services Sverige AB     271 223

    10  Bong Sverige AB     233 994

    11  Edsbyns Elverk (publ), AB     203 306

    12  Got Event AB     180 696

    13  Nobeli Business Support AB     179 222

    14  Schenker North & East AB     129 452

    15  Rettig Sweden AB     117 346

    16  Universal Power Nordic AB     102 807

    17  Lundgren AB, K.A.     91 930

    18  Gastronome AB     83 732

    19  Åkerströms Björbo AB     82 056

    20  Provafo AB     71 623

    21  Malungshem AB     68 703

    22  Lidan Marine AB     66 789

    23  Hörby Bruk, AB     62 943

    24  Lindvalls Kaffe AB     61 226

    25  Näckåns Energi AB     41 103

    26  Sundsvalls Hamn AB     37 414

    27  Ernst Norrthon, AB     32 439

    28  Målarnes Färg AB     21 883

    29  Heby-textil AB     5 324

    30  Wådell Assets AB     4 581

    31  Militärsällskapets förlags AB     3 529

    32  Fårebo-Flathult, AB     2 402

    33  AS Group AB     2 201

    34  APHK Förvaltning AB     1 374

    35  Sten D. Magnusson AB     1 266

    36  Druidlogernas i Malmö fastighets AB     1 188

    37  Extentor AB     1 133

    38  Absolut Spirits AB     285

    39  Spectra-Physics AB     44


    * Information about the data:
    The selection of companies is based on year of establishment and includes only active (reported turnover) companies with at least 1 employee. The information is from the last submitted financial statements.



  • Happy new year!

    Happy new year!


    We wish you a happy new year!



  • Black Friday: The largest retail stores

    Today it is Black Friday. The day when trading companies sell selected goods for sale. A shopping day with its origins in the United States, but in recent years it is a big shopping day also in Sweden.

    Here are Sweden’s 20 largest consumer retail stores (based on turnover x1000 SEK, closing figures 2016)

    1    H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB  192 267 000

    2    IKEA (Sverige) AB 26 213 591

    3    Elgiganten AB 9 886 835

    4    Clas Ohlson AB 7 601 600

    5    Jula AB 6 059 893

    6    Stadium AB 5 453 251

    7    NetOnNet AB 5 054 256

    8    Biltema Sweden AB 4 941 883

    9    Åhléns AB 4 780 882

    10   KappAhl AB 4 723 600

    11   Rusta AB 4 522 581

    12   Qliro Group AB 4 468 600

    13   Stadium Sweden AB 4 404 587

    14   Dustin Sverige AB 4 392 193

    15   Gekås Ullared AB 4 080 448

    16   ÖoB AB 3 983 424

    17   Lindex Sverige AB 3 378 882

    18   Jysk AB 3 319 666

    19   Siba AB 2 706 159

    20   Mio AB 2 680 601



  • 0.9% hard bounces – that’s what we call good quality

    0.9% hard bounces – that’s what we call good quality

    Hårda studsar


    We continuously fix hard bounces in our database with email addresses for companies and decision makers. By 2017, the proportion of hard bounces in our e-mail messages was only 0.9% * average – that’s what we call good quality!

    Mikael Ryberger, Marketing Manager at CMPartner, states that we are a supplier to count with.
    – This is the contraction of a hard and stubborn work by the data group, which has been extremely dedicated to the project. Here we see the result black on white. We are very proud that we can offer our customers such good quality. The rate is so low that it is well below the recommended maximum 5% limit that may impair delivery.

    As a customer, it is easy to forget about the quality aspect when purchasing email lists or updating existing records. Not until you send you realize that the quality is low and that maybe up to 15 – 20% of the list you bought is unusable. It is of course never a good deal. But we try our best to be transparent and deliver a product that is delivering, “says Mikael Ryberger, CMPartner Marketing Manager.

    *The measurement shows the average rate of hard bounces on mail sent between January 1 and November 1, 2017. Source: Webpower

  • Billion companies in Sweden 2016

    Billion companies in Sweden 2016



    Only a small part of Sweden’s companies has a turnover of more than one billion Swedish crowns. What does this group of giants look like? Where are they located geographically and in what sectors do they appear? Our data expert Gunnar Larsson has looked closer at the billion companies in Sweden in 2016.

    How many billion companies are there in Sweden?
    There are 1,531 that has a turnover of more than one billion Swedish crowns in Sweden. Excluding subsidiaries there is 1,073.

    Which billion companies are the most successful?
    120 companies have over 20% in profit margin. Banking, real estate, pharmaceuticals and investment are common sectors in this group.

    Where are they located geographically?
    Most billion companies are found, perhaps not quite unexpectedly, in the metropolitan regions. 126 companies are located in Skåne County, 148 in Västra Götaland County and 552 in Stockholm County.

    What do the billion companies look like in terms of job opportunities?
    These companies, of course, require an extensive workforce and contribute to many jobs. 347 of the billion companies have more than 1,000 employees.

    What sectors do the billion companies appear?
    Some of the largest industries are construction / building trade with 84 companies. In the automotive / vehicle sector there are 79 companies and 70 companies operate in the food industry / food trade.

    What does it look like for the billion companies in the automotive industry?
    The automotive industry is based in western Sweden. Västra Götaland County has 17% of billion companies’ total revenue, but in the automotive industry, the figure is 72%.

    Where has the food industry its base?
    Skåne is sometimes called Sweden’s grain store. The country has 8% of billion companies’ total sales, but in the food industry the figure is 32%.


  • Closing figures 2016: Full speed in the Swedish economy

    Closing figures 2016: Full speed in the Swedish economy

    Autumn is here, in a few months we celebrate Christmas, but already it is Christmas Eve for the numerals. We have received the closing figures for 2016 and it’s time to work with the numbers. How was 2016 compared to 2015? Gunnar Larsson has looked closely at the top in the Swedish economy.

    Which companies are the top in Swedish business in 2016?
    Looking at top ten in Sweden, based on turnover, Volvo, Ericsson and H&M once again enter the first three places.

    What has happened since 2015?
    New in place four and five are Volvo Car AB and Skanska, while Vattenfall falls to a sixth place. Electrolux and SCA hold place seven and eight. Scania, however, advances to a ninth place while ICA Gruppen retains its tenth position.

    How is the top of the Swedish business community?
    Turnover of the ten largest decreases by 2%, as explained by Vattenfall‘s drop of 15%. If we go to the top 1000, turnover increased by 3.5%. In other words, it’s full speed in the Swedish economy!

    Contact us if you want  to update your existing records with fresh financial data.


  • Laws and regulations: Send e-mail to the Nordic countries

    Laws and regulations: Send e-mail to the Nordic countries


    When it comes to e-mail marketing to companies, there are several laws and regulations that you need to take in consideration. The rules also differ depending on the country to which you are sending. Here we explain the regulations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

    In Sweden, it is allowed to send e-mail to both general e-mail addresses (so-called info@) and personal e-mail addresses of decision makers. The e-mail must be relevant for the company or for the professional role.

    In Finland, the same rules apply as in Sweden. It is permissible to send relevant e-mail messages to both general email addresses and personal e-mail addresses of business decision makers.

    In Norway, you can only send to general e-mail addresses. Personal e-mail addresses require opt-in.

    In Denmark, you can only send to general e-mail addresses. Personal e-mail addresses require opt-in.

    Also, keep in mind that you must always provide an address source and have a clear opt-out link in the email.

    Feel free to contact us if you have questions about rules regarding email addresses and email marketing!